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Alyson Peder, aka Aly Cat, originally from South Florida, began as a self taught artist in 1992.  Originally inspired by wanting to personalize her first motorcycle, she began researching ways to do so.  Using Dremel tools and eventually a dentist drill she finished her motorcycle windshield and chrome, and many of her friend’s motorcycles too.  She named her business Aly Cat and was approved by Harley Davidson to do on site etching and engraving at their rallies nationwide, and did so for a little while but it just wasn’t inspiring enough.

Trying to engrave her mirrors on her motorcycle with a Dremel, was not the answer, so she tried a sandblaster and that changed everything for her.  She began etching everything in sight and was really inspired by the way glass, when “carved” into catches the light and shadows. 

Aly moved her business to Jacksonville in 1997 and has done many etched glass doors, tables, military gifts, church windows, wine bottles, garden stones and boulders, etc.  Always trying to expand her artistic talents, she started making fused Dichroic glass jewelry in 2008, and Rhinestone Tees in 2011.